I love knitting and that’s one of the reasons that the GO ONs exist at all. I was taught to knit by my Mum when I was a child and she is a great knitter, as was my Gran, who could knock out an Aran style bobble hat in a few hours working from a ‘pattern’ in her head. Amazing! So, it’s in the genes...

I find knitting a very calming experience but the planning and buying of the yarn is entirely exciting to me - I haunt wool shops and the internet now, choosing whatever tickles my fancy. And that’s before we even get into the bead buying (a whole new world for me and a delight).

Each GO ON is unique - some may look similar but you‘ll find they're different sizes and, sometimes, if a yarn is repeated the finish will be totally different to another GO ON using the same basic yarn.

I intend them to look pretty as well as just making someone smile simply to see their GO ON - I know they make me happy! And of course, they’ll keep your tea warmer for longer.

Each GO ON is numbered and archived and comes with a little story as to why I made it as I did, as well as care instructions.

Pauline McLynn

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